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ISPCA - Organisational Case Study

Hally berry and tracy cropThe ISPCA has been established in Ireland since 1949 and the National Animal Centre, Keenagh, Co. Longford has been established since 2002. This centre is the Head Office of the ISPCA and is set on 89 acres of land. The ISPCA mission statement is to Prevent Cruelty to animals,  to promote animal welfare and to relieve animal suffering in Ireland. The ISPCA follows the 3 R's which is Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome.

 The National Animal Centre depends heavily on our volunteers to help with the rehabilitation of the animals in our care which can amount to over 170 animals. With very limited staff we simply could not give the animals their individual attention they need without our dedicated volunteer team. The ISPCA looks after Equines, Canines, Felines, Small mammals and Wildlife, with can be only 3 to 4 members of staff on we simply can't look after it all plus the rehabilitation work. Volunteers are given the choice on when they wish to volunteer and which area depending on their experience level.

kate Myley re size


The ISPCA train up all our volunteers that wish to get more involved, during each year we do training in horses, donkeys - through The Donkey Sanctuary, dog training, working with cats and wildlife training. The majority of our current 70 volunteers we can depend on them when we are short staffed and we need a volunteer to do an area on their own or with other volunteers. Our rehoming, especially in kennels, has increased due to the animals getting more individual attention. Every single one of them are amazing!

 In 2016 volunteers gave the ISPCA National Animal Centre 7,266 hours to us which amounted to 64388.4 euro.