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Volunteer Ambassador Longford NVW 2019 - Kitty Birkhill

Today kicks off our National Volunteering Week. We will share the stories of volunteers from Longford this week. Six Volunteer Ambassadors were chosen to highlight the impact Volunteering has had on their lives. First up is Kitty Birkhill. #WhyIVolunteer #NVW2019


Kitty BirkhillAfter a bereavement in 2016, I had to make a decision wither to sit at home feeling sorry for myself or get up and help myself by helping others. I recently returned to Longford after living abroad for more than 40 years so re-connecting with my local community was very important. I joined the Volunteer Centre. Volunteering gives me the chance to fulfill both issues. I have some time on my hands. I am relatively fit and healthy and I want to do something worthwhile by helping others in my community. I have met some wonderful people of all ages so far. I feel I am contributing to my local community. I feel mentally stimulated and physically engage and I am having fun.