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Public called to get involved in Volunteering in the Community

One in five people don’t volunteer because they don’t know how to get involved

Longford Volunteer Centre is calling on the public to get involved in volunteering in the community next month – as National Volunteering Week takes place from May 11-17th.

National Volunteering Week highlights the multitude of ways that individuals and organisations can get involved in supporting causes, aiding charities and helping in their local communities.

Research commissioned by Volunteer Ireland has found that for 20% of people the main barrier to getting involved in volunteering is not knowing where or how to find opportunities. However, Longford Volunteer Centre is determined to change this during National Volunteering Week.

Encouragingly the research, carried out by nfpSynergy, also found that 25% of Irish adults are involved in regular volunteering. The most common place where people volunteer, at 72%, is with a local charity. The most common motivation to volunteer was to support a specific cause (55%), while helping out in the local community was the priority for 53% of volunteers.

To signpost people to where the multitude of opportunities lie, the Centre is highlighting the ways that people can make the most of volunteering week.

Longford Volunteer Centre, Coordinator, Terri Doherty said: “The key step is to go to where people can find a volunteering role near them to suit their interest or skill. Alternatively people can call into or phone Longford Volunteer Centre at 087 291 5367.

Ms. Doherty also drew attention to using the online volunteer database ‘I-VOL’, which can also be found at I-VOL works both ways – people can search for volunteering opportunities in their local areas and organisations also can post that they are searching for volunteers.

In 2014 more than 12,400 volunteers engaged with I-VOL and local Volunteer Centres and clocked up an incredible 470,000 hours of volunteering.