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Turn your organisation into a volunteering magnet

Click here to download the book "turn your organisation into a volunteer magnet". This is a free publication. Turn Your Organisation Into a Volunteer Magnet is a knowledge-sharing initiative within the international community of volunteer programme managers (VPMs) for the purpose of peer-to-peer professional development.

Following twelve months of working with authors from around the world, the second edition of the highly successful volunteer management guide ‘Turn your organisation into a volunteer magnet’ was launched this month at the Institute for Advanced Volunteer management in Blackpool, England.

The magnet project is unique in that it harnesses the experience of everyday volunteer managers from around the world and asks them to describe, in just 500 words, those things which make their volunteer projects ‘magnetic’.

Editors Fraser Dyer, Andy Fryar and Rob Jackson explain “the philosophy behind the project is that managers at a grass roots level have lots of experience to share, but seldom an outlet to distribute that knowledge. The magnet project allows an avenue through which they can contribute their ideas, and these are then shared freely, via the internet with their peers around the world. It is a great model of both networking and information exchange”

The first edition, published in 2004 was downloaded many thousands of times, making it one of the most read volunteer management guides in history. The new and updated edition contains 50 chapters from 40 authors across North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Australasian region.