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Bespoke Volunteer Management Training

IMG 4388Would you like to improve volunteer management within your organisation?   Are you an infrastucture organisation looking for courses relevant to your members or clients? Short specific volunteer management courses allow you to pick the topics that are most relevant to you, and courses can be adapted and tailored to suit your requirements. Short courses cover one or two days and every day contains a variety of activities to suit all learning styles.

We can provide also one or more of the Volunteer mangement training courses directly to your organisation with a minimum number of participants at a venue and time that suits or organisation, again please contact us directly and we can carry out a volunteer management training needs assessment for your organisation.  We also provide consultancy on all aspects of volunteer management. 

We offer a wide range of services for organisations working with volunteers in Longford.  Whether you are looking for help recruiting volunteers, keeping your volunteers motivated, developing a volunteer policy or figuring out how to involve a volunteer in your organisation for the very first time, we are to help you and your organisation.  Contact us to arrange an appointment or to find out more information about our volunteer management resources.

We also provide provide workshops and information sessions on volunteering to schools (in particular Transistion Year students) youth and community groups as well as informations sessions for corporates wishing to engage in volunteering.

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