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How we work with Volunteer Involving Organisations

Who Will We Work With?

Longford Volunteer Centre works with not-for-profit organisations – this may include charities, community groups, co-operatives and statutory organisations such as health centres, schools, hospitals, etc. We may ask to see your constitution or set of rules to clarify your not-for-profit status. We will not seek volunteers for individuals or for for-profit organisations.

Registering with Longford Volunteer Centre

Organisations may register with Longford Volunteer Centre online, by telephone, by post or in person. Registration is straight forward and free of charge. The more information you provide on registration, the better the chance there is of getting volunteers interested in your organisation and volunteering opportunities.  Upon registration, you will receive an automatic response e-mail informing you of your unique VCI code. This code allows you to register new volunteering opportunities directly on our database I-VOL. Once checked by a staff member, your opportunities will go ‘live’ i.e. they are now available to volunteers to view and apply for.

Registering your organisation is a great way to raise awareness of your organisation and recruiting volunteers for your volunteering opportunities.

Promotion of your Volunteering Opportunities to our Database of Volunteers:

Longford Volunteer Centre has a database of people throughout Longford who want to get involved in local volunteering activities.

Organisations can register as many opportunities as they like. Each opportunity must have a name, and an organisation must provide as much information as possible about the tasks that they need completed for the role and the supports they are willing to provide. The more information provided the better chance there is of recruiting volunteers.

We can also share your opportunities with other Volunteer Centres and Volunteer Information Services around the country at your request. Periodically we showcase a range of volunteering opportunities on our homepage and on Facebook.

We also send out regular updates to our volunteers of new volunteering opportunities.

Information & Support on recruiting

and managing volunteers:

Longford Volunteer Centre can provide advice and guidance, or access to information, on a range of issues related to managing volunteers. This might relate to the recruitment of volunteers, how to motivate volunteers, dealing with difficult situations, etc. This support is available on an adhoc basis. Feel free to call us and talk to us about it or arrange a meeting with us.

Resources are also available online: which may be of help to you.

Volunteer Management Training

Longford Volunteer Centre delivers a four module Volunteer Management Training Programme, developed and approved by Volunteer Ireland.

The modules are as follows:

Module 1: Planning for volunteer involvement

Module 2: Volunteer recruitment and selection

Module 3: Day-to-day management of volunteers

Module 4: Developing a policy for volunteer involvement

Each module takes about 4 hours to complete and is generally run over 2 days.

Notification of each Volunteer Management Training schedule will be sent out to our organisations by email.

Volunteers Managers Forum

Longford Volunteer Centre has established a Volunteer Managers Forum, which aims to provide peer support and upskilling to individuals responsible for the management of volunteers in their organisation. 3 fora are facilitated each year and this provides a space in which volunteer co-ordinators can discuss issues of relevance to them, get advice and support and receive information on developments within the volunteering sector.

Garda Vetting

Longford Volunteer Centre provides a Garda Vetting service to voluntary organisations that do not have access to their own Authorised Signatory. An Authorised Signatory is someone who has been trained by An Garda Siochana in the correct administration of Garda Vetting. Because not all small organisations are able to access this Garda training, we are in a position to act as an Authorised Signatory.

To avail of this service, your organisation, or members of it, must be willing to meet with us and ensure that certain procedures are in place, before Garda Vetting can begin. Longford Volunteer Centre apply a small administration fee for this service.

Please contact us if you would like more information on this.

How We Provide Our Service?

Face – to - Face

Longford Volunteer Centre has an office in 6 Earl Street, Longford and operates an open-door policy during opening hours. We can meet with you outside of this location if it is more convenient for you. All you need to do is call and book an appointment.

From timeto time we organise community meetings that might be of interest to you and we will notify you of these.


Because our database is electronic and held online, we do a lot of our communication via our website, social media and email. We try to keep our website updated with useful information and we circulate other information via email.

We can also answer queries or seek information for you via email. Please ensure that everyone who wants to receive information from us is registered as a contact with Longford Volunteer Centre.

As part of our regular cleansing of I-VOL we will contact you periodically to update your organisation’s information.


Longford Volunteer Centre staff are available on the phone to answer questions – please feel free to give us a call. If we are not in a position to help, we will try and find someone who can.


There are guides, information sheets, good practice guidelines available for download from our website. While most people want to receive information by email, if you wish to receive it in paper format, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What Do We Expect From You?

That You Keep Volunteers Updated

Many of the people applying to be volunteers may not have done this before and therefore may not know what to expect. They may not realise how long the process is going to take, you might just be extremely busy, they may think you have forgotten about them, and some may think they were not good enough for the role – which can have repercussions for other choices they make. Therefore it’s important that volunteers are kept updated on how their application is proceeding – even ifits just a quick email to say “no change”.

Of course, volunteers may not get back to you, or messages might get lost, or sometimes there’s confusion about who’s to get back to who, in which case please let us know.

That You Keep Us Updated

We would really appreciate it if you would let us know if a volunteer has started volunteering with your organisation, or if you were unable to make contact with them or if they were unsuitable or if they did not continue to volunteer with you.

This information helps us provide a better service by better understanding your service. We can also follow up with the volunteer to get some feedback, or if you’ve lost the volunteers contact details, which is very easily done, we can get them for you again! We will also seek feedback on our service once a year, so please help us out if you have a few minutes to spare and complete the questionnaire we circulate at that time.

If you have any photos, or testimonials from volunteers we would love to see them. We can add them to our website and / or Annual Report – these kinds of documents always help generate more interest in your organisation. If there are any changes to staffing, please let us know so that we can update our contacts database.

That You Abide By Our Equal Opportunities Policy

We recognise that in our society certain individuals and groups of people are unfairly discriminated against, both directly and indirectly. They are often denied the sametreatment or opportunity on the grounds of age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, caring responsibilities, mental or physical health/disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnic/national origin (including membershipof the Travelling community), political or religious beliefs, economic status, criminal record, trade union activity, or a combination of any of these.

We strive to eliminate all such forms of discrimination and to create a climate in which equal opportunities are promoted as a means of developing the full potential of everyone who is involved with our organisation. We do this by fulfilling our legal obligations and by taking positive action, which goes beyond the requirements of the law but by avoiding stereotyping and tokenism.

We realise that not every organisation has an equal opportunities policy. However, we do want to make sure that any volunteers that we refer to, or place with organisations do not suffer undue discrimination. This does not mean that you must accept anyone who contacts you; there might be very good reasons, for example, why you are looking for someone of a particular sex. It simply means that you do not turn anyone away, only because of the colour of their skin or only because they use a wheelchair, for example.

Refusal of Service

Under certain circumstances Longford Volunteer Centre may refuse to accept a registration, or refuse to place volunteers with the organisation. This may be due to continued breaches of our Equal Opportunities policy, or knowledge that the organisation engages in unlawful behaviour, for example.

For a full explanation of why and how this might occur please see our policy: Criteria for non-Registration or non-placement of volunteers and non-registration of, or non-placement of volunteers with organisations which can be accessed from our office.

Acceptance of These Conditions

Having sent you this document, we will assume that you agree to abide by its conditions, unless we hear otherwise from you. If you fail to meet the conditions of this document we will explain to you where we feel the conditions are not being met. Support and training can be made available at this stage to assist the organisation to better meet these requirements. If you continue to failto meet the conditions Longford Volunteer Centre reserves the right to discontinue our service to you.

Appealing This Decision

Should you disagree with the Manager’s decision to suspend our service to you, please write to the Chairperson. Your appeal will be considered by the Steering Group of Longford Volunteer Centre.

Compliments and Complaints

Longford Volunteer Centre welcomes all feedback, both positive and negative as it allows us to deliver a better service to the community.

Note: Longford Volunteer Centre is project managed by Longford Community Resources Ltd. and funded by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. Longford Volunteer Centre is part of a wider network of volunteer centres and Volunteer Information Services. We are affiliated to Volunteer Ireland – the National Volunteer Development Agency and support body for VCs and VISs. Further information on the network can be found at