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Vodafone Foundation Launches World of Difference 2009

Online Jobsite Advertisement Vodafone Ireland Foundation World Of Difference 2009

Title: Your next job could help change lives!

We all have things that we care about; things we would like to change for the better… if only we had the chance to really get involved. That’s why Vodafone Ireland Foundation will choose up to four applicants with the passion, skills and ideas to make a real difference to people’s lives in Ireland, through working for their chosen charity.

Role: You tell us!
Location: Working in Ireland in Irish based charity!
Job Type: Full-time, one year contract.
Salary: Dependent on experience and current salary– capped @ €40,000 plus expenses.
Qualifications: See description.
or for more information email kate.oherlihy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This opportunity could make it possible for you to focus your energies on something that you really care about fulltime for a year.

So what kind of people are we looking for? We are looking for people with enthusiasm, commitment and drive, people who can prove to us they have the relevant skills, knowledge and qualities necessary to make a real difference to their chosen charity. It doesn't matter what work you are doing right now, as long you have the right skills and qualities needed. Maybe you are currently volunteering for or would like to get more involved in your favourite charity, be it with people, the environment or animals. Perhaps you have an idea that you feel could revolutionise the work that a particular organisation is doing - go talk to them and see! We look forward to hearing from you as Vodafone Ireland Foundation wants to make it possible for you to focus your energies full-time on your selected organisation. And hopefully when you finish out your year you will have left behind a world of difference.

To apply for the World of Difference programme, you must ensure that your job description and project are endorsed by the organisation (a charity with a current CHY number from the Irish revenue Commissioners) you wish to work for; who agree to be your employer for the year. You must be an Irish resident, with fluent spoken and written English and you are responsible for obtaining (if relevant) a work permit, a valid passport to carry out your role.

You can fill out an application form on-line at by Friday the 20th of February 2009 at 17.30.

One person can make the World of Difference.
Make the most of now.